Trisha & Anirudh were married on the Spanish Steps in Washington DC and all of their family was in attendance. You know, on Zoom, because this is 2020. But it was really cute and lovely and I couldn’t get over how sweet it was. We waited for another wedding couple to exchange their vows as we walked around the block and made our way down the middle of the steps to set up their laptop. After the ceremony, they even brought out a cake they ordered from their favorite bakery to have a little cake cutting. They shared some hand sanitizer, cake, and said goodbye to their friends and family in front of the fountain before heading home to order take out.

Side-note: this was also the first day I learned that if you’re in DC you can actually marry yourself! You just get the certificate, fill it out, and can marry each other without anyone in attendance. I’m honored that I was included and I’m so happy with how our time together turned out.