Here it is! A iPhone 11 max pro portrait session – another real world review!

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So, here’s the thing. You probably haven’t noticed, but I’m a professional wedding photographer. Other than dancing to Lizzo, this is the thing that I do that I feel I do best. I’m also dating a professional wedding photographer who is also talented. And the majority of my friends are (drumroll please)… really talented professional photographers.

Now that we’ve established this bit of information about my circle, I should let you know I get the benefit of google funneling the paranoid, clickbait-y articles from all across the internet about the iPhone 11 pro taking over for mirrorless cameras and theoretical talks about the cameras are so good that anyone would be able to *shoot a wedding on a phone.*

And being the fan of Mythbusters I am, I wanted to test that theory. You know. A little bit. Let’s start simple; with a portrait session.

You know how you test a new pizza place by ordering the margarita? This test was kind of like that.

My goal wasn’t to test the new low lighting capabilities (although they’re pretty good), it wasn’t to put third party manual RAW capture apps to the test (but I definitely tried them and I’ll discuss that a little here, too).

I wanted to test the usability of the iPhone 11 pro on a reasonably lit day, with complex backgrounds; a real shooting situation for most sessions for me.

I can make this really simple by just sharing these 40 images taken over a 1 hour period with my lovely friend (and, you guessed it, talented wedding photographer Kate and her boyfriend Tony)

Honestly? I got an acceptable amount of images for me to deliver from an engagement session. The straight out of camera JPGs (with an altered preset on top) feels very similar to my professional work (I usually shoot on the Canon EOS R) but there were *so many limitations* as I was shooting that I was overshooting just to compensate for all the photos that weren’t working out.

Here’s what I got from the shoot!

I’ve also shared *every single photo* I took from this session (unedited) over on my Patreon where I listed out extensively the pros and cons of shooting exclusively with the iPhone 11 Pro! Backing me on Patreon is a great way to support me and future projects like this AND you get access to over a year and a half of all of my educational posts and videos (and a lot of them are created based on suggestions from my Patrons!)

And without further ado, here are some iPhone photos, you guys!