This AVAM wedding has my heart. 

I feel like I start a lot of posts this way, but I love what I do so here it goes again; I’m so glad I was asked to shoot this wedding. For starters, shortly after the first meeting to talk about wedding plans, I realized how I knew Mai Ly’s name – one of her amazing illustrations were currently hanging in my office (I’d received it as a gift from my boyfriend, Sam, for my birthday)!

Secondly, the ceremony was going to be on the MICA campus; and as a lover of education and art, I was here for it.

And third, the reception was going to the at The American Visionary Art Museum – home of the best Divine sculpture in existence (plus a lot of other really lovely, colorful art).

Also, Mai Ly and Matthew are just really kind and wonderful and talented and funny (and they’re now proud parents to a very cute pug that I follow on instagram).

But let’s talk about how their wedding day went down because it’s a good one.