Pete & Suzy

An Engagement Session in the Home

  • Baltimore MD

Pete and Suzy invited me into their home for this engagement session and I loved how personal it all felt. I got to know them a bit better. I learned about how they also love Wes Anderson (their engagement party was even “Moonrise Kingdom themed, costumes and all), they have a soft spot for the etherial aesthetics, AND, most importantly, they have an amazing cat with a smushed face and a big personality. I got learned how incredibly kind, generous, and creative they are, as our session went on and I saw all of their wedding planning unfold.

We took photos as the sun beamed in through their bedroom and then, as the sun started to set, they asked if we might want to head out to this bit of undeveloped land behind their apartment (I think it’ll soon be, if it isn’t already, a housing development). It was amazing. Walking past the giant construction equipment, passing over pools of water settled into giant tire tracks, the land started to look overgrown and beautiful. There were bits of upturned red clay with patches of tall grass growing, butting up against the trees in the distance. It was kind of really amazing and literally a two minute walk from a busy street and apartment buildings.

This is how their session went.

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