Autumn in Seattle for family portraits? The dream.

Feels like just yesterday I had the honor of capturing Isabelle and Andrew’s amazing wedding in the heart of Washington DC. 2011 seems like a very long time ago and just yesterday, depending on when you ask me. But, way back when, I captured the best celebration, a salsa and popsicle-filled affair that you can see here.

Who knew it would kickstart a decade-long journey, filled with cherished moments and countless photos? I didn’t know. But I hoped.

But the funny thing about capturing amazing human beings getting married is that they often produce more little amazing humans that I then get to take pictures of!

And that’s how I found myself traveling cross-country to Seattle for the first time for the Cotton-Pragets, camera in tow, ready to document yet another milestone in their journey – the first birthday of their firstborn.

We had a ball, catching up, catching images, catching the baby before he scooted off somewhere. And it was with utmost excitement that I got another email from them a couple of years later, heralding the arrival of their next addition!

You know what that means. Back on the plane, and back to Seattle to meet little boy number 2 and catch up with Isabelle and Andrew.

We embraced the autumnal glory of the Pacific Northwest and found ourselves in Lincoln Park, ready to freeze a new moment in time.

Ah, Lincoln Park — Seattle’s leafy jewel, nestled by Puget Sound, adorned with November hues of reds, oranges, and yellows. It was pretty picture-perfect for capturing family stories.

The park, in all of its autumnal majesty, was just as vibrant as the family in front of me, their joy and excitement contagious. The falling leaves created an enchanting backdrop for us as we chased the sunlight to the shoreline for some sunset photos.

Photographing children, especially the under-five crowd, is a delightful challenge. It’s a hilarious game of catch-me-if-you-can, filled with giggles and a few tears. The four-year-old, full of mischief and energy, darted between trees and fallen leaves, while the one-year-old, still wobbly on his feet, provided an adorable counterpoint with his innocent curiosity.

We roamed the park, climbed ALL the driftwood, hung off the handrails, and squinted at the sunset, everything a four-year-old is made of. It is the best way to stay light on your feet and lens at the ready, let me tell you.

As the session came to a close, it didn’t feel like work at all. A joyful day spent capturing love, laughter, and the candid magic of childhood, all the while chatting with two people whom I’ve gotten to see grow their love bigger and bigger.

My heartfelt thanks to Isabelle and Andrew for inviting me back to Seattle for these Autumn family portraits. Your trust in me to chronicle your family story, from an intimate DC wedding to a lively Seattle family photo session, is a privilege I cherish. Cheers to a decade filled with unforgettable memories! Until next time!