As a photographer and lover of weddings, it’s always an honor to capture the special moments of two people in love, especially a backyard wedding of Baltimore artists. However, when that couple happens to be a fellow photographer-turned-friend, it’s an incredibly humbling experience. This is the story of my dear friend Emily and her husband and partner-in-art-and-life, Goodloe, and their beautiful wedding.

Emily and Goodloe are not your ordinary couple. They have an extraordinary bond that is so obvious and inspiring, and they both endeavor to live colorful, thoughtful lives on their terms. Emily is a talented photographer who is out capturing love stories like me, and Goodloe is a painter and muralist around Maryland, making any space he touches that much better.

And they weren’t afraid to embrace certain traditions and let go of others. Planning a wedding is never easy, but Emily and Goodloe truly put their hearts into creating an unforgettable celebration.

They crafted a wedding experience aimed at incorporating all the people and things they love about their lives.

Goodloe’s parents hosted the ceremony and cocktail hour at their house, and his mother, an accomplished artist herself, provided a painting to serve as the backdrop of their wedding ceremony, adding a personal and significant touch to the special day.

Emily’s mother took to creating part of her wedding dress, a beautiful gesture to make her feel extra special on the day, and Emily’s flower plans had much to do with her father.

Growing up with her dad owning greenhouses, she had the notion that she wanted to look back on these photos in 10, 15, even 50 years, and say, ‘those flowers were from my garden.” So, she enlisted the help of her gardening buddies to grow all the flowers for the day and asked a florist to only handle design on the big day.

Oh, the happy tears.

After an emotional first look and private vows, the assembled crowd made their way to a lovingly set backyard, complete with blankets for the colder temperatures.

And let’s not forget about their furry friend, Pugloe. Emily and Goodloe couldn’t imagine their day without him, so he served as an official wedding party member, hanging out with the groomsmen and doing his own processional down the aisle.

With a comedian friend officiating, they had such a meaningful but fun ceremony, and against a sea of art and happy faces, the pair made it official.

After so much love and beloved personal touches, the wedding crew made its way to Attaboy Barrelhouse for a reception that threatened to blow the roof off. Long farmhouse tables collected friends and family in a sea of glass hurricanes, cocktails, and happy flowers, people roamed and visited, unbeholden to table numbers or norms, and just when the special dances and speeches brought us to tears, the party began.

Boxcar Burgers brought the goods, the bar was open, and against a backdrop of casks and string lights, the dancing danced so hard.

I loved this one for many, many reasons. It was genuine and curated in the best possible way. I would do it a hundred more times if I could.

Please, see for yourself.

Thank you to the vendor team:

Venue: Attaboy Barrel House

Planner: Rachel Kendall Events

Photography: Nessa K Photography

Florist: Abby Chapple

Caterers: a.k.a Friscos, Boxcar Burgers & The Garage

Makeup & Hair: Luca Ponce Beauty