Truthfully, I don’t share as much as I used to. I feel like I used to share so much about my personal life, my travels, my business struggles, my stresses, my home. But it was so selective, you know. It was only ever the parts I wanted to share. The shiny bits that remind me of river rocks – “I’ve told these stories over and over again, these are the ones that are safe to share.”

The truth is, the start of 2023 was a new world for me. In 2022, I lost my father and a grandmother figure; I ended a 10 year relationship; moved out of my home of 8 years, and bought a new house in a new neighborhood, living on my own for the first time.

I’m so grateful I get to make art. Spending time making art with incredible clients helped me channel all of my feelings into something productive. Something to keep my hands busy and my legs moving. Even when painting my new house was going wrong, I had this… beautiful reprieve. I would step into a world where I got to document a happy family, a thoughtful orchestrated intimate wedding ceremony, or a couple making morning coffee for an engagement session. It gave me so much fulfillment and joy and I’m really thankful them.

So, these are photos I’m attached to – just a few photos I love from last year. There are photos from family sessions, engagement sessions, travels, and weddings. Photos I took in Portugal, Spain, New York, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania.

A bit of reprieve from starting my new life. I hope your 2024 is looking as hopeful as mine.