Bobbie’s Dairy Dip in Nashville, TN


burgers, fries, nachos, greasy burgers

Today is Labor Day and I’m spending it enjoying the summer cold that’s going around, lying in bed on my laptop, going through vacation photos from August and I wanted to share a few from this really fun burger dive called Bobby’s Dairy Dip in Nashville, TN.

So my boyfriend, Josh, has the amazing ability to talk me into eating at greasy burger joints that I definitely shouldn’t be eating at and apparently, my friend Martin shares that ability. Without fail, even if i only get a veggie burger, I still end up sick. They’re just too good to resist. Some people never learn. =)

If you’re ever in Nashville, Bobby’s Dairy Dip is amazing. It’s cute and they have delicious food. Those are really the only two requirements I have for recommending a restaurant.

Hope everyone has an amazing Labor Day!