Let’s assess my love of Maryland wedding campground photos. You know those days you can’t get out of your head? That’s how this wedding is. I’m always behind on blogging, but I can’t get this camp wedding at Puh’tok in the Pines out of my head.

Being surrounded by the tall pines, pulling up to a crowd of people who have spent the weekend swimming, doing archery, their clothes smelling of campfires, as they all head to their respective cabins to start getting ready for a wedding of two of their favorite people. This is why I love this venue. Because even before the wedding day begins, it’s a party. It’s a family reunion. It’s a chance for everyone to get to know each other so the speeches mean that much more, as everyone has spent a few days learning the stories that lead up to the wedding day.

I can’t get enough of camp weddings. Even in cold weather, this little cozy spot nestled in Maryland is one of my favorite wedding venues.

I’m so lucky I got to know a little bit of what makes Sherman and April special on this day. I’m so lucky I got to photograph here at all. This is how their wedding day went.