Exploring: Austin, TX


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I’ve been living in Austin for over a year and a half now, and I still haven’t found my own little special places to go, hang out, and just enjoy being in the middle of nowhere. The West Virginian in me wants to be able to go out and sit in a huge, open field with soft grass and skies full of stars at night. There are tons of really, really beautiful wooded, forest areas to visit in Austin, but it doesn’t seem like I can ever get far enough out to escape be away from everything and still be in wide open spaces. That seems pretty silly to me considering the fact that I’m in TEXAS! Texas, to me, screams wide-open-isolated-places. So I’ve decided this winter will be all about seeing what Austin (and the outskirts of Austin) has to offer.

This week, my friend Martin B. Cherry came in from Nashville, TN to second shoot two weddings with me and we started my exploration of Austin. We found this amazing train engine and I saw one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve seen in months!








I’m glad that Martin B. Cherry was awesome enough to¬† drive down from Nashville to hang out with Josh and I for a week! We’ll miss you!