Instagram and Terrariums


I have a confession to make. I, Nessa Kessinger, am a plant killer. I don’t know how, but I’ve killed a fern, several cacti, a few air plants, a patch of mint (which is supposed to be impossible to get rid of), and thanks to the drought in Texas last summer, I haven’t even grown a lawn at this point. After re-watching Penelope for the 10th time or so, I was really inspired by her bedroom, which was full of plants and small terrariums (see film stills from the set here). I now have a suitcase full of succulents and a terrarium guarded by a tiny ceramic doe. Let’s keep our fingers crossed I don’t ruin this and my plants will live through the summer.

Aside from my ventures into the world of miniature gardening, I’m also an avid Instagramographer (someone tell me – is there a word for this?) and I was beyond excited when they recently opened their loving arms to the world of Android users! I couldn’t be happier to have more friends to follow these days. Instead of the Instagram filters, I’m addicted to the new VSCOcam app (just $0.99 and so much fun), my username is “nessakphotography” and if you’re on Instagram and like photos of puppies, plants, food, etc. we might get along. Here are a few Instagram snaps from recent days and I hope you have a great weekend!

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