Ah, this Terrain wedding! What an experience.

Have you ever fallen in love with a place and you think about it all the time? That’s me and Terrain. Just take my money.

Stepping into Terrain in Glen Mills, PA is like immersing yourself in a modern fairy tale. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the location exudes an earthy charm that’s hard to resist. The sprawling nursery, dotted with rustic elements, instantly transports you to a magical woodland – but with a chic urban twist!

Antique chandeliers hanging from towering trees, crystal glasses hung out on reclaimed wooden tables, and lots of florals contributed to the unique ‘rustic-chic’ aesthetic. And when the golden hour hits, the entire venue gets doused in a warm, inviting glow, making it a photographer’s paradise. Every nook and cranny of this place is great.

And this wasn’t your average wedding, oh no, it was an eclectic blend of funky and fun, just like the couple themselves!

Jamie and Rob, our bride and groom, were as low-key as they come. They wanted their wedding to be as unique, vibrant, and untamed as their beautiful relationship.

They cast aside the traditional tulle and tiaras for something a little more ‘them’. I was excited to capture their special day which was a true reflection of their bond.

The couple opted for a relaxed atmosphere and chose to get ready together in the mushroom house on site. Having both bride and groom present while getting ready-made it easier for us to document all of those little moments that are so special. The joy between the two of them was simply infectious

The day was filled with laughter, candid moments, and some seriously cool wedding vibes. From the warm, twinkling lights draped over the wooden tables, to the wild, untamed greenery sneaking into every nook and cranny, everything about it was a photographer’s dream.

The ceremony was held against a backdrop of living plants, creating an intimate and natural space for the couple. As Jamie walked down the aisle, the look on John’s face was priceless. They exchanged vows that were so raw and heartfelt but added just the right dose of humor.

They walked back to the aisle to a flurry of bubbles, and it was perfect.

At the reception, the couple and their guests ate, drank, and danced under the quaint string lights, enjoying every minute of the celebration.

The Terrain’s unique fixtures, like the charming, repurposed greenhouses and the quaint outdoor fire pits, lent themselves to the couple’s vision of a relaxed, family-style gathering.

The best part? The couple’s free-spirited essence was palpable in every frame. The joy, the intimacy, the delightful quirkiness – everything was perfectly them, and it was a joy to capture.

I love a wedding where the couple’s personalities shine through in every detail. Plus, it’s a wonderful reminder that weddings don’t need to follow a script. They should celebrate the unique love between two people, and Jamie and Rob did just that.

As their wedding photographer, I felt incredibly lucky to be part of such a memorable day. See how it went.

Thank you to the vendor team:

Venue: Terrain at Styer

Photography: Nessa K Photography

Coordinator: Carolina Hatton Designs

Hair and Makeup: Made Up on the Go