I’m blogging these Georgetown DC engagement pictures out of order because I already shared their wedding, but I can’t not share all the pup-love!

I like photography and all, but I’ll be honest; I love dogs the most. I’m at my maximum, most embarrassing (for the people around me) when I see a dog and I want to pet it. So the morning of this sunrise shoot in DC, I knew I’d be meeting dogs. I knew three things; I knew it was going to be early, that Ashley and Max were amazing, and I would probably be embarrassingly excited about their pets.

But what I didn’t know was that Ashley and Max had three absolutely cutest dogs in the entire world. So not ONLY did I get to photograph two stunning, kind, and thoughtful people, I also got to hang out with their dogs. Look. At. Them! If every sunrise session in Georgetown were like this, I’d insist on never shooting anywhere else.