I’m all for intimate gatherings. I’m even more for intimate gatherings in unique and expressive settings that tell you a lot about the personality of your hosts. Meagan and Andrew’s heartfelt wedding at Corradetti Glassblowing hit those boxes, a true tribute to the unique and beautiful couple at the heart of their celebration.

Weddings can easily be one of the most special days in anyone’s life, and for some couples, that’s a lot of pressure. The day can something that they have been dreaming of since they were children, but, that doesn’t mean they have to follow a traditional script.

A scaled-down micro-wedding with fewer guests, simpler and more intimate details, and a more relaxed and heartfelt atmosphere is just as dream-worthy as a gala with a huge guest list. So I was onboard with Meagan and Andrew went in this direction, mindful of intentions and budgets.

Corradetti Glassblowing Studio in Baltimore, where they landed, on is one of the best places to have a micro-wedding that I’ve been privileged to shoot. The studio is a unique and beautiful space for a smaller celebrations that just keeps giving. The studio has a rustic and intimate atmosphere that makes it perfect for any couple who wants to have a low-key but colorful celebration.

The studio itself is a converted 1920s factory building that has been restored and renovated into a beautiful and unique event space and its central feature is a 2000-square-foot glassblowing studio that can accommodate up to 80 guests. The studio is filled with beautiful pieces of glass art, and the natural light that shines through the skylights creates a beautiful and romantic ambiance.

Meagan and Andrew wanted to have a truly intimate and meaningful ceremony with their closest family and friends, and then a party for everyone after, so they could still have the celebration they wanted without sacrificing the quality or style of their wedding. Corradetti offered the best of both worlds.

Once their beautiful vows were exchanged under the hanging glass orbs, the couple kicked back and enjoyed the exuberant soiree they were hoping for. They opted for a ‘heavy hors-d’oeuvres’ standing reception, a cake cutting, and craft cocktails because they imagined creating an atmosphere of laughter and mingled voices, with the echoes of glasses clinking through multiple rounds of cheers, and tons and tons of joy. Nothing formal or stuffy, and it was a treat.

This micro-wedding full of art was a memorable way to celebrate love and commitment in a beautiful setting that also celebrated the fun and whimsical.

Just take a look at their faces.


Thank you to the vendor team:

Venue: Corradetti Glassblowing Studio

Photography: Nessa K Photography

Florist: Violet Floral Designs

Bakery: Sweetri Bakery

Caterer: The Pantry

Wedding Coordinator: Bird of Paradise Events

Make-up Artist: Cooper Grace

Hairstylist: Fifth and Mane