From the moment Jenn, a long-time follower of mine on social media, reached out about her wedding photography, I was looking forward to getting to know her and her fiancé. Her excitement about finally being able to work together for her big day at The Hollyhedge Estate in New Hope, PA, was contagious, and we made a plan to meet at the National Gallery of Art to start on the road to their wedding day. 

As we navigated through the corridors of creativity, it was clear the love and connection between Jenn and Nico were unmistakable, setting a beautiful tone for their upcoming nuptials. If the statues tried to lean in closer to take a peek at their love – I wouldn’t have been surprised.

On the morning of their wedding, both Jenn and Nico prepared for their day in the comfort of The Hollyhedge Estate, but, instead of going for a first look, the couple opted for a more intimate ‘first touch.’ Just two love-struck humans, back to back, sharing whispers and laughter, invisible strings of connection pulling their hearts closer without the grand reveal. 

On top of that, Jenn had a touching first look with her brother and dad, while Nico shared a similar moment with his mom; both were mascara-threatening moments.

The matrimonial show took to the road to Saint Ignatius of Antioch Church, where a heartfelt ceremony and mass celebrated their union, and the couple exchanged vows. The church’s grandeur and the solemnity of the mass added a profound sense of reverence to the moment, making it a truly unforgettable part of their day.

Jenn and Nico exited the church to a tunnel of guests cheering them on, and it was such a sweet moment to watch them revel in their loved ones. Jenn also add to the emotion by surprising Nico with a rented vintage car for the wedding. Nico came out to it through the swatch of guests and it was a delight to see his face.

Back at The Hollyhedge Estate, the stage was set for a reception against an idyllic backdrop. The estate’s lush grounds, rustic charm, and elegant amenities provided the perfect setting for their colorful wedding theme. 

Embracing a fun and bold aesthetic, the wedding decor featured a vibrant palette of primary colors, with dramatic blue tablescapes taking center stage. Lush, colorful flowers, colored taper candles, and pristine white dishes created a striking visual under the soft glow of string lights.

Jenn and Nico’s primary wish for their wedding day was for their guests to feel the depth of their love for each other and for every person in attendance. This sentiment was woven through every aspect of the day, from the tender moments shared during their ‘first touch’ to the lively and heartfelt tango that marked their first dance as husband and wife. The reception was a reflection of their desire for a warm, inclusive celebration that echoed the magnitude of their love not just for each other but for every soul lucky enough to share in their special day. 

The dance floor remained the place to be throughout the evening, and as the night drew to a close, filled with laughter, dancing, and all the snacks, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to Jenn and Nico for choosing me to capture their love story. 

Being a part of Jenn and Nico’s Hollyhedge Estate wedding was an honor and a joy. Their unique approach to their wedding day, combining traditional elements with personal touches that reflected their personalities and love story, made for a truly memorable experience. I am grateful to have been a part of their celebration and to have witnessed the beginning of their journey together as husband and wife.

And to those who’ve made it this far, thank you for joining me on this recap of a day where love was the true winner. Check out the attached gallery to dive deeper into the day’s magic. Jenn and Nico, here’s to a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and more tangos.


Thank you to the vendor team:

Venue & Catering: Hollyhedge Estate

Florist: The Pod Shop Flowers

Photography: Nessa K Photography

Makeup & Hair: Nancy Caroline Beauty

Videographer: J&R Video

Music: Silver Sound