Homemade Vegan Blackberry Hand Pies: Food photography Austin TX


I adore food. Love it. If you know me, then you know I talk about it a lot. I spend countless hours looking at food. I buy cookbooks full of photos of dishes I wish I could just smell and I read recipes I absolutely could never cook. Though, thankfully, I live with one of the best recipe-instruction-followers I’ve ever met.

It didn’t take long to realize all of this love and dedication to food needed to be combined with my other love and that’s why we’re all here today. So I can show you photos of the food I’m going to consume. More soon to come. =)

Recipe here, though we (by “we,” I mean “Josh – the preparer of these awesome pastries!) substituted the pastry dough for store bought phyllo dough.

If you were wondering, they were amazing. Thank you Josh for being my live-in cook. =)

Have a tasty weekend!