This is the extraordinary tale of two remarkable women in a charming small town on an adventure to get married. This intimate wedding at The Inn at Little Washington was a study in what bespoke weddings can be. Picture-perfect boutique shops, idyllic fields, and a country oasis nestled within the heart of the city.

Alex and Kaitlyn got married in an intimate and truly custom wedding day that suited them just perfectly.
Nestled right outside the Shenandoah Valley sits The Inn at Little Washington. This is a property that whispers tales of timeless elegance and charm, each room adorned with unique wallpaper, and modern farmhouse details. And it was here, under a vaulted sky, that these two brides, surrounded by eight of their closest chosen family members, pledged their love to each other.

Throughout this intimate celebration, love and gratitude reverberated through the manicured gardens of the estate, and I was lucky enough to capture every moment of it.

As the sun just began to kiss the mountains surrounding the Shenandoah Valley, all the witnesses gathered in the enchanting garden of The Claiborne House, a stunning and elegantly appointed private residence on the property.

The mood was light, yet meaningful, as the brides entered the gardens separately and joined each other in the middle, proceeding the rest of the way together, in a sweet nod to their union.

No officiant was needed here. Their love was the only testimony required. Alex and Kaitlyn exchanged vows while surrounded by their loved ones, and the ebb and flow of emotions during these precious moments were honest and raw, creating a tableau of love that was an absolute delight to capture through my lens.

The festivities then moved to the veranda of The Claiborne Hour, filling the air with jubilant chatter and the clinking of glasses. I always love cocktail hour because the nerves are gone, and everyone is relaxed and ready to celebrate.

Now to the true reason Alex and Kaitlyn chose the Inn at Little Washington: the food!

Renowned for its culinary prowess, The Inn is foodie destination and the first-ever three-Michelin-starred restaurant located outside a major metropolitan area. It’s built a reputation is as grand as the Shenandoah mountains themselves, and the brides had specially chosen this location for cuisine that did not disappoint.

With just 8 people at their sit-down dinner reception inside this quaint home, the atmosphere was a very much a cozy family dinner party. They marveled at the food, they traded stories, and just generally reveled in the experience and eachother.

This bespoke wedding at Inn at Little Washington was more than just a ceremony; it was an intimate gathering that celebrated love, friendship and the journey two people chose to embark on together. The charm of the town, the warmth of the venue, and the joyous celebration of love made this event a magical experience. Capturing these candid moments for Alex and Kaitlyn was nothing short of a delightful adventure.


Thank you to the vendor team:

Venue: The Inn at Little Washington

Photography: Nessa K Photography