Lakeside Engagement Session Maryland: Lally and Kyle


This lakeside engagement session had to be at sunset. It just had to.

I give sunrises a lot of credit. Here on the east coast, though, they’re a bit like magic. They illuminate the other side of the world that we’re used to seeing in shadows. Sun in the morning filters light through the fog that hangs on the ground for an hour or so, so you have to be quick before it all disappears until the next morning. It’s something wondrous.

But this place, this lake, needed the red glows of sunset. So we could stand on the narrow man-made beach and put Lally and Kyle’s backs to the light, their backdrop painted warm tones, the outline of trees in the distance. Silhouettes of tiny islands with solitaire trees breaking up the open span of mirrored water. I loved getting to spend the evening chasing geese around to clear them from the photos. And I really wanted to say thank you to Lally and Kyle for being so open to this location. For excitedly agreeing to drive out to a blue spot I showed them I had found on a map that turned out to be a lake and for being so lovely to photograph.

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