Sonia and Stefanie’s Washington DC Engagement Session


Sonia and Stefanie love art, videogames, and live in the beautiful state of Georgia. When they decided to get married, they travelled up to Washington DC for their wedding nuptials. For their engagement session, we met up at a soybean field just as the rain had cleared a few days before their wedding. We carefully stepped through spiderwebs into the field where the leaves of plants were turning bright yellow toward the end of summer and the weather was windy and warm. This is where I got to know them.

Being a wedding photographer means I get to spend a very short, but intimate time with couples. Meeting these two in person for the first time in a cafe, I knew I was going to love getting to work with them. Shooting their engagement session confirmed this, but on their wedding day, getting to see just a handful of their friends and family come together for their union; that completely sealed the deal. These two women are absolutely stunning, incredibly bright and cheery to be around, and although they had to leave their homestate of Georgia to be wed, they are married and I couldn’t be happier to have met them and been a part of it. Love is love.

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