One LGBTQ wedding in Washington DC I can’t get over anytime soon. <3

Even though I didn’t meet them before the wedding day, Lily and Ria’s wedding made me cry a lot.

Not¬†only because it was all so beautiful. Not only because they had an emotional first look. Not only because they also did a first look with their new child (who was sweet and loving that they just wanted to kiss their moms’ hands and be held). And not only¬†because everyone else was crying.

But because the entire ceremony – the entire day – was about uplifting the LGBT community they’ve spent so much time building up and being a part of. Everything from the giant room of friends-turned-family that gathered together to help Ria into her dress and Lily into her binder at Conrad Hotel. To the amazing ceremony and dance party they had at The Showroom, strung up with string lights, as they all danced into the night.

This is how their day went (and why I cried a lot). <3