Melizza + Greg: Winfield Inn wedding, Austin, TX


I love being around couples that I just want to hang out with. Melizza and Greg are just… fun. =) Their ¬†wedding was at the Winfield Inn in Kyle, TX and I’m officially in love with the trees on their grounds. Melizza just has amazing taste in clothing, flowers, all things design, and candy!! She had a gloooorrriouss candy bar and Amy’s Ice Cream at her reception and her continuity and love for sweets makes my heart warm.

I love that they swing dance with a group of friends for fun regularly so they didn’t practice their first dance, but it was fluid and beautiful anyway. I loved the sunset that day. I love their family and friends. I love that they met through Craigslist because we all need to hear amazing stories about how two people found each other in amazing and unlikely ways.

They’re about to move to Europe which makes me incredibly jealous, but I wish them all the best! I know they’re going to have an amazing future together.¬†Congratulations, guys!