I love this Mill No 1 wedding so much

I can’t remember if I met Alex and Pat at a friend’s wedding first or if I met them in a coffee shop first, but you know that feeling you get when you meet someone that you felt you already knew? It was like that. I know I’m not alone in that feeling; that’s completely and totally them. It made sense why they were married in their Hampden home, in their very own ivy-wall covered backyard, and chose to celebrate by bringing beautiful red rugs outside, married in the sunlight, made this wedding all the better.

They had the kind of vows that broke me. Everything was so loving and supportive and beautiful. The music was perfect. The yard was full of quiet happy crying, but immediately after the ceremony there was an eruption and things couldn’t have been more different. Literally, trombones and trumpet players were waiting around the corner and a parade broke out on the way down to Mill No 1 for the wedding reception at the Heron Room. The night was full of records, dancing, some cake, and good food.

It was a hot day, but a good one.

A big thank you to the talented Pang for second shooting this wedding with me! <3