Flashback Friday, iPhone Style – New Years Resolutions


We spent NYE in DC. After getting Chinese take-out in Chinatown and watching happy people on an ice rink, we bought coffee from a street cart and shuffled our way towards a house party. We watched the ball drop with Jay-Z playing loudly in another apartment nearby and I sat on a couch talking to an old friend from college. I fell asleep on the Metro on the ride home and when I woke up on New Years Day, I found a fortune cookie in my pocket with a fortune that read, “Your talents will be suitably rewarded.” I know fortune cookies are silly, but it was an amazing way to start the new year.

Now it’s 6 days into the New Year and I have to admit I’ve never really done New Years resolutions. I never feel any different on January 1st so it always felt like a false starting point for me. However, I’m in a new city now. I’m reconnecting with people I knew from college, making new friends, exploring new places to photograph, I’ll be photographing weddings in completely new cities and places all year, and I’m wearing sweaters regularly for the first time in years. It feels like a fresh start and so I thought I’d share some personal goals I’d like to accomplish this year.

· Eat more fruits. And vegetables, if I have to.
· Don’t stop exploring the city I live in.
· Grow mermaid hair.
· Take at least three trips just to take personal photos. Photograph everything.
· If I think of a compliment, I’ll say it out loud.
· Stop hanging clothing on the elliptical because it looks messy.
· Use said elliptical occasionally.
· Wear sunscreen.

I really love the Instagram app and these photos from last summer felt relevant this week. I’m currently listening to Animal Collective on Pandora,  designing albums, and drinking Vanilla Chai tea. I hope you have an amazing New Year.

So tell me — what are YOUR New Years resolutions? 

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