New York City Street Shooting


I took a trip to NYC last week to spend time with some amazing ladies (and talented photographers), Mary, Jill, Ari, and Julie. It was 2 full days of walking, photographing, and eating awesome food. Even street vendor food tasted like heaven. Just thinking about it makes me feel both exhausted and refreshed (and hungry). Most of all, it makes me miss street photography dearly.

Walking around DC taking photographs of people and food was everything to me just a few years ago. I even managed to turned it into a career when I took a job at a newspaper and 90% of my job was being on the streets, photographing the world happening, but after I left my job at the Martinsburg Journal, I quit street shooting completely. NYC was invigorating, though; walking around in the chilled air with a warm coat, I wanted to be fashion street photographer Bill Cunningham (by the way, if you get a chance, I highly recommend you watch the documentary on Bill Cunningham). So, New York City, you were absolutely inspiring. I hope to see you soon.

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