So much love for these Nordman Lake Camp wedding photos. <3

The first Wes Anderson film I saw and recognized as an art film was “Royal Tennenbaums.” A friend had randomly rented that, and the newest Britney Spears movie (remember that? That was a thing) and she hated the Wes Anderson film and I didn’t love the Britney Spears film and it started my love for Wes Anderson and a confusing “where do I fit in with friends that like different things” journey as high school progressed.

But I digress.

Basically, Alix and Jeff told me their wedding planning was getting help from Moonrise Kingdom and that was all I needed to know. I caught a plane to Dexter, Michigan, drove into the forest on a rainy day, and photographed their wedding, nestled between tall trees and a lake, on a soft blue day. Cakes, pies, laughing, crying, rain, wind, campfires, and all the love one camp could muster up.

These camp wedding photos just take me back to greener days at Nordman Lake Camp.

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