Old Town Alexandria Engagement Photographer: Mary & Kyle


I could get used to being an Old Town Alexandria engagement photographer.

I’ve posted Mary and Kyle’s Gravity Hill Farm wedding photos already. I’m doing things a bit out of order, but I felt like needed to. I wanted to share how they joined their lives together. How perfect and imaginative it was. When I first met them, I didn’t know how much I would adore them. How I would meet them a few months later and they would dance in a circle in front of a field of oversized sunflowers to a folk band playing Wagon Wheel on a back porch. But after meeting the two of them and an hour or so of talking, of really getting to know them, I wanted something like that for them. Something dreamlike and lovely. With flowers, pizza, and ice cream. Something wonderful that suited them so perfectly.

It’s funny to me. How we meet strangers who become important to us. Our paths bump and suddenly we’re friends.

And so the story goes. I met Mary and Kyle in some coffee shop in Olde Town Alexandria just before the session. We made small talk and stepped lightly over cobblestone roads, winding our way down to the docks. We began to watch the sun come up over the water as we chatted. We found bands in common, movies and shows in common, and we walked around in early morning sunlight until my face hurt from laughing. It’s simple, but it’s perfect. And I’m so happy to have met them.

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