A Paris Vacation.

I am missing travel so much it hurts a bit. I miss touching books in stationary shops. I miss trying samples of gelato. I was feeling home-sick of airplanes this morning, so I searched my diary for stories from this trip to Paris. It turns out, I poured most of my heart into documenting the things I saw instead.

Staying in Montmartre, we walked past cheese shops and stacked produce each morning on our way to eat food. We dined out every evening, not wanting to waste a single meal indoors.

There were pink buildings. The cafe from Amelie, The Two Windmills, where I sat in the orange glow of the tungsten lights at dusk, eating their signature creme brûlée. 

If you want a little Wes Anderson-esque experience, I can’t say enough about the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature.

Rained out on the way to the Eiffel Tower, we visited bookstores and chocolate shops, macaron shops, museums and coffee shops. 

I kept trying coffee on this Paris vacation. An entry from my journal: 

“For someone who doesn’t like coffee, I try sips of it more often than you’d think. “This is amazing” Sam nearly says when he orders an espresso or a latte, and he insists I try it. I secretly think he knows I’ll never like it. I think he does it because of the face I make (I imagine it’s very similar to someone trying whisky for the first time)

But traveling around Paris, I tried drinking coffee on my own. I adored sitting at a small round table, facing out towards the street. Street watching in diffused sunlight while people spoke in French around me and glasses clinked around me.

I’d order a coffee and it would take me ages to finish it because the taste was tolerable at best, but at the end of our trip, I found I really enjoyed the experience of drinking a flat white (but that’s mostly milk, isn’t it?) in front of a cafe.

I don’t think it could become a thing I do when I’m stressed out or sleepy, but when I want to dream of Paris, I’ll drink coffee and day dream of macarons.”

When I left, I brought home nothing but a raincoat and photographs. This is how our trip to Paris went. 

(If you’d like to see more, and I really hope you do, this small adventure in Mont Saint Michel was admittedly my favorite part of this trip).