I kind of love these rainy day Patapsco Female Institute wedding photos because it’s a venue without any kind of coverage from the sky and I think that’s part of what made this day so beautiful.

Admittedly, I love when a rain plan is “umbrellas.” It felt a lot like the rain was meant to happen on this day because it never erupted into a full downpour, just light sprinkling at all the right times. Kirstin and Francis walked joyfully around in the light drizzle after their first look, words muffled at times from the umbrella’s dome, the soft patting sound of large rain drops hitting inches from the tops of their heads. The ceremony was tearful, beautiful, and warm and after, guests gathered around to share stories, catch up, and eat pizza and ice cream.

Planner: Alesha
Venue: Patapsco Female Institute

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