Think a Conservatory photoshoot and a vintage record shop engagement session don’t go together? Let me be the first to tell you that you’re mistaken.

Christine and Larry are getting married SO soon at the Market at Grelen, but last winter we got together to document their engagement and celebrate this special milestone in their lives.

And what a delightful couple and an incredible engagement shoot it was!

Christine and Larry were invested in creating an engagement session in two different locations that were diametrically opposed to demonstrate the complementary contrast within their relationship. I love a dynamic couple!

So we threw out motels and fields, box retailers and parks, but ultimately landed on Rawlings Conservatory and a vintage record store. The conservatory was a nod to how the two are prolific plant parents, and the record store was the perfect place to showcase their shared adoration of music.

So, let me paint a picture of our day. The stage was set at the stunning Rawlings Conservatory, with its Victorian-style glasshouses and wide variety of plants, that add an old-world charm to the frame. You can’t help but swoon over the breathtaking array of plants. The place just brims with life and color.

Christine and Larry’s outfits perfectly stood out among the foliage, not they needed help standing out. They both have this charismatic charm and infectious laughter, and it truly brought the place to life, even in the serious images.

Following the dreamy conservatory, we transported ourselves to the vintage record store El Suprimo Records.

The store, a happy labyrinth of vinyl records, echoed their love story – unique, dynamic, and essentially timeless. Just like each record in that store, their love had a story, a rhythm, and a melody of its own, and I loved capturing it.

It was a stark contrast to the natural, floral backdrop of the conservatory, yet it perfectly captured the essence of their relationship – vibrant, diverse, and harmoniously balanced.

An outfit change brought another layer of retro charm to the shop, and we got lost in the stacks. Christine and Larry were happy to play with disco balls and embody all things vintage.

I was privileged to capture these fleeting moments on camera – moments that are now timeless memories of the days leading up to their wedding.

It was so fun to showcase the contrast of their relationship, showing their love in different lights, under different backdrops, yet with the underlying essence remaining constant – love, affection, and the sheer joy of being in each other’s company.

In this unique engagement shoot, the Christine and Larry dared to be different, embracing dynamic themes, and in doing so, they truly celebrated their love story. They proved that love isn’t about being the same, it’s about being together despite the differences, and that’s the beauty of it. I am just the lucky one who got to capture it on film.

I can’t wait to see them at their wedding, but in the meantime, take a look at the glory of this day.