To tell this full story, you’ll have to see Sam’s photos from Iceland, too. I love that we see the world so different, and really, I love that we’re seeing the world at all. Here’s a personal entry from our visit in Iceland. 

“Let me tell you about this dream I had. I woke up on an airplane and touched down on Mars. It was desolate and eerily foggy. Smoke hung on the ground and bubbled out of pools of water. Farmers had fields littered with marshmallows to appease the trolls with hot cocoa in the nighttime. (in my dream, there was folklore of trolls). And do you know those dreams where you recognize the letters but can’t read anything? It was that kind of dream. The words all seemed long and impossible.

I’m sorry to report Iceland isn’t a real place.

All and all, my only regret is not buying a space suit and walking in slow motion, pretending I was on another planet, but Iceland was pretty cussing beautiful.

So what do you think it means?

On the real, gluten free crepes were had, burgers, and every day, in the back of our car, we made the finest PB&J sandwiches Iceland can muster (can you tell we didn’t really embrace the local cuisine?). This is how I remember it”

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