This is going to be a nice and spooky engagement session


Emma and Eric wanted to do something “spooky.”

I was like “oh, we can totally do spooky.”

It’s not something I think I’ve talked about anywhere on my blog, but I love all things spooky. I think I always have.

In kindergarten, I was a “vampire princess.” I worked at Hot Topic throughout high school and pictures will definitely reveal my gothic angst. I still keep “Shawn of the Dead” on my phone for every plane ride AND I currently have been falling asleep watching “What We Do in the Shadows” every night when I fall asleep.

So when Emma and Eric mentioned spooky, I had the perfect place in mind. I’m so glad they were down to go to an abandoned building and risk being kicked out with me.

The point of this point is actually not to tell you how spooky I am, but to say how on board I am with doing weird things always. Remember this Halloween movie inspired engagement session? Yeah. You get it. <3