Imagine a wedding where the past and present dance in harmony, color splashes against tradition, and love radiates through every detail. That’s the tale of Anna and Julius, a couple who decided to marry their distinctive styles into one unforgettable day at The Glen Foerd Mansion on the Delaware River. 

Anna, with her eclectic, artsy, and colorful aura, brings life to Julius’s old-school, classic style, and together, they created a vintage classic garden wedding with pops of color that could only be described as “them.”

The day began with an adventure as unique as their love. The couple opted to rent an Airbnb within walking distance of their church, adding a sprinkle of excitement to their morning. Picture this: Anna, in her stunning wedding dress, parading through the streets, while her bridesmaids performed a comedic ballet of sorts, managing the dress and clearing the path. The sight was unbearably charming.

Their ceremony took place at Saint Peter the Apostle Church, a setting so grand and gothic it seemed lifted from a fairytale. The church, adorned with frescos, stained glass, and breathtaking architecture, provided a solemn yet enchanting backdrop to their vows.

It was as if time stood still, the air charged with the gravity and beauty of their commitment as they saw each other for the first time across the aisle. 

After heartfelt ‘I dos’ and lots of cheering, Anna and Julius retreated down the aisle to a crowd of well-wishers outside the church, ready to start their celebration in earnest. 

The reception venue, Glen Foerd Mansion, nestled on the banks of the Delaware River, was nothing short of stunning. The mansion, a testament to elegance and history, complemented the couple’s vintage garden theme perfectly. 

Its beautiful grounds and river views offered a serene escape, transporting guests to an era of timeless romance. The mansion’s amenities, from its grand rooms to the sprawling gardens, provided the perfect canvas for their breezy riverside celebration.

The decor was meticulously chosen to mirror a summer garden party, with guests encouraged to don light and summery attire, blending seamlessly with the day’s joyful essence. The post-ceremony air was alive with anticipation and excitement, as guests meandered the waterside pathways. 

In a testament to Anna’s design prowess, the bride designed fun graphics that dotted the landscape in their accent decor, marrying whimsy with elegance for their special day. 

The bride and groom’s joy in gathering everyone they loved in one place was apparent and shared deeply with all present. It was a celebration not just of their union but of the community and connections that shaped them.

As the day gave way to evening, the wedding reception unfolded under a beautifully crafted tent structure, a marvel that offered stunning views of the river. The space was transformed with string lights and fabric, casting a warm, ethereal glow that enveloped the guests in a cocoon of warmth and festivity. The uplighting added a touch of magic, enhancing the beauty of the surroundings and reflecting the couple’s vibrant love.

The cocktail hour, held within the mansion, allowed guests to wander through its historic halls, a prelude to the night’s revelry. It was a blend of the mansion’s timeless charm and the couple’s modern flair, a perfect beginning to the celebration that followed.

As the night drew to a close, gratitude filled the air. Anna and Julius’s wedding was not just a union of hearts but a celebration of individuality, love, and the beauty of coming together. 

Anna and Julius, thank you for inviting me into your story, for allowing me to capture both your love and your unforgettable day at The Glen Foerd Mansion. Your wedding was a beautiful symphony of colors, emotions, and moments, a day that will resonate with all who were lucky enough to witness it.


Thank you to the vendor team:

Venue: Glen Foerd on the Delaware

Florist: Yardley Florist

Photography: Nessa K Photography

Catering: J Hollander Gourmet

Cake: Bake Ability

Makeup & Hair: Daneene Jensen & Associates

Videographer: Toast

Music: Center Stage Entertainment