Sunrise Annapolis Engagement Session


This Annapolis engagement session happened at sunrise.

I’ve been writing little stories in a notebook and in each one, it always come back to water. Streams in valleys, lakes surrounded by mountains, down pouring rain, and, of course, the ocean. The ocean is my favorite water to speculate about because it has so much mystery. It’s this giant mirror that makes the sky twice as big and it’s full of creatures and weeds that float in slow motion and sunken ships. When I took a retreat to do some reflecting this summer, we chose a little beach town and sat on sun bleached docks, eating ice cream and talking, we spent hours listening to the splash of water hitting the boats tied up below us. The water is a perfect setting for short stories, for summers reflecting, and for photographs.

Claire and Greg met me in Annapolis and we waited for the sun to come up. The pinks, purples, and blues all mixed together, reflected on the water and mornings got a little better.

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