The Ferris Wheel – Carnival Ride Video


Carnivals make the world feel a little more magical. Whenever I worked at as a photojournalist at a newspaper in Martinsburg, WV, I would always ask to cover Apple Blossom Festival and the State Fairs and every other carnival that came through town (can you believe there were a ton?) and I don’t see my love of Ferris wheels, deep fried Milky Ways, and rickety roller coasters dying anytime soon. I was thrilled to do a lifestyle session with a lovely friend of mine and her husband at the Rodeo Austin Star of Texas Fair just a few weeks ago and I’ll be posting that radness next week.

Last week was the first time Josh and I had been apart since we were married in December and I didn’t realize how much he really does to make my life easier. A combination of house chores, emails, laundry, taking care of puppies, editing, and dealing with an allergy attack/sinuses made me miss him all the more. After two boxes of tissues, finishing three Harry Potter books between naps in bed, and drinking more mint tea than I’m willing to admit to, I’m finally nearly over my cold/allergies/my sinuses hating me. So, Josh and I felt it caused for celebration.

There’s a sad little carnival in a parking lot near our house, so we packed some sandwiches, ate our dinner in the parking lot near the bright lights and rode the Ferris wheel for $4 a piece.