An Impromptu Park Wedding

Scarlet and Anthony

An impromptu elopement with an intimate dinner after.

I don’t know how to describe these two incredible people. Scarlet is an incredibly talented Toronto wedding photographer and her husband, Anthony, is an incredibly talented musician and keyboardist of Arkells. Together, they’re two of the kindest, most generous, parents-to-be (congratulations!) I’ve had the opportunity to meet and their wedding day was a perfect reflection of that.

Their day started with them sharing breakfast in their favorite hotel, getting ready together (complete with Anthony fumbling, eyes closed, to zip up Scarlet’s dress), then they traipsed around town, taking the trolly as they went, picking up their perfect fetch-loving dog, Lucy, on their way to the park where they were married. Their wedding was a bit of a pop-up affair in a small park in Toronto (as I understand it, weddings aren’t 100% allowed, but we were following the “ask for forgiveness, not permission” motto).

Really, I want to tell you how emotional the ceremony was for everyone, how ecstatic the small crowd of their closest loved ones was for their vows in the park, but instead, I’ll show you photos of how perfectly suitable the golden light of sunset felt, how welcoming the warm lights of their reception dinner were, and also I’ll share one incredibly nervous shot of them immediately before the ceremony because I love it.

And this is how their day went.