Mili & Sid: Vintage Inspired Anniversary Session


Every now and then, either Josh or I will randomly say, in one way or another, “our job rocks.” Seriously. We get to hang out with fantastic people while we work and what we do allows us to interact with so many incredible artists and photographers. Mili and Sid of Memories in Motion are a perfect example of this phenomenon we both so enjoy.

Mili and Sid are rad videographers from Chicago. We spent the evening shooting their six year anniversary session, grabbed some coffee with them, and Josh and I spent the rest of the night talking about how sweet and wonderful they are. Oh, and how much we loved these photos. Going through this set just makes me excited all over again; they wanted something a little more conceptual and vintage inspired. It’s little bit pin-up and a-lot-a-bit classy and it celebrates six years of good-looking love.