Tina & Albert | Old Town Alexandria | Washington DC Engagement Session


A nod to the nautical, a peter pan collar dress, and a sunrise Washington DC engagement session surrounded by boats.

01 washington dc engagement session

I’ve been spending so much time journaling lately about where I want to live. How I want to decorate a home when we get to stop renting and can finally paint our own walls. In between endless days of shooting, editing, and emails, I’ve been dreaming of white walls, raw wood, and a house interior covered in plants and peppered with primary colors. If you’ve been on my Pinterest board lately, you totally know where my head is. And since Sam and I got back from a trip to Texas last week, I’ve been dreaming of a time where we have a huge backyard of our own. Some place to watch the sunrise and walk around barefoot in the summer sun. But the first day of fall was just two days ago and I still have so many photos from this summer to share.

I love this session. It’s one of those sessions I dream about after; a series of photographs that just feel good. A mix of sherbet colors. The pink tones from early morning, the alley with ivy crawling up the side of the buildings. The color of the yellow sunlight reflecting off the water.

I remember slowly walking up to the marina and talking with Tina and Albert about how beautiful the sunrise was. We waited around for the sun to come up a bit behind the clouds on the horizon, while a kayaking team rowed across the Potomac. The world at sunrise was empty. Parks abandoned, stores closed, and Tina’s dress felt like she stepped out of the 70s in France just to stand in front of yellow trimmed boats, just to bask in the early morning sunlight.

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