As I write this now, it only just occurred to me that it’s still August and not exactly near Halloween, but I was actually posting this wedding in anticipation for the upcoming holiday. You know, in two months. But I’m ready for it. Last night, I watched The Addam’s Family and worked on a Wednesday Addam’s sketch (I’ve been posting a lot to my illustration instagram lately, in case you’re interested). The reality is, Halloween is my favorite holiday and getting to take pictures of a wedding on Halloween with people who also love Halloween was a freaking dream.

Katherine and Alan were married at a wonderous place called Camp Happyland in Virginia (probably the most perfectly suited name for a camp ever). Their friends sang in chorus as they walked down the aisle to a beautiful limb sculpture that arched over their heads as they stood on carpets and said their vows.

Friends could be seen pulling little red wagons with kegs to the reception where toasts were made and as the sun set, everyone dispersed into their cabins, changed into costumes, and made their way to the dance floor where Carrie (one of my favorite costumes ever) was on stage (yes!) singing folk music that echoed through the forest and into the night. And this is how their Halloween wedding went.

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