Camp Puh’tok for Boys and Girls camp weddings are some of my favorites. 

Do you know what makes the most sense to me? Having a bon fire in the winter. In summertime, it’s pretty and nice in theory, but these 90 degree days are long and even at night, the air feels heavy. This summer has me thinking back to Ash and Nick’s wintertime wedding at Puh’tok in the Pines and missing cooler weather in a big way.

Ash and Nick’s engagement session was amazing because they wanted to spoof a bunch of camp weddings (and I was so down! It was featured over on Rock N Roll Bride) and I had no idea how fun their wedding celebrations would be. It started with a stay in warm cabins, a walk through the forest, a bon fire at the ceremony, roasting marshmallows and blowing bubbles for cocktail hour, pies for dessert, and a giant dinosaur. You read that right. This is how their wedding day went.